O f i c i n a   A l e m a n i a

  We shall walk together by the flowered paths,
Looking into our eyes and holding hands…
Talking quietly of ignored things,
With steps in rhythm and fire in our looks
Anxiously awaiting the infinite the days will subside,
And at the end of the path, your tremulous hands
Will sustain mine… !

Marina Teresa Castro  


Oficina Salitrera Alemania started to elaborate nitrate in the year 1905 and after several periods between operation and shutdown, it definitively put out its fires in 1973.

We thank Mr. Pedro Pennaroli Trieggue for having sent us some photographs taken in the middle of the decade of 1980, thanks to which we have a testimony of its existence before it was fully demolished.

Oficina Alemania, in the year 2000.

Elaboration Plant

General view of the Nitrate Oficina

General Administration and Employees' Houses

Workers' Houses

Pulpería Building

Wharves, Drying Yard and Elaboration Plant

Enameled stove in the Administration House
Partial view of the Cemetery of Oficina Alemania

Anonymous. Oficina Alemania September 21, 1924.

Eco Pampino

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