This project of illustrating the history of the "White Gold" Chile was decided in 1993 in the Desert of Atacama.

Since then we have studied the subject and on several occasions traveled to the territory where the most relevant events happened.

Together with this we have compiled information from Museums, Libraries, periodicals and newspaper libraries, private collections, cultural centers and several communicators who have told us their personal experience in relation to their life on the pampa.

As a result of this investigation and systematic photographic registration we have got together a Bank of Images catalogued, approximately 3,000 old photographs and 3,500 of present times related with the past and present of the Nitrate Industry.

Those who are interested in having more aspects of this history through other supports, for example a multimedial sample, or wish to travel to the Atacama Desert, a vital unforgettable experience, can write us at (Telephone: (56 - 2) 2351233 - (56 - 2)
2358346, Santiago, Chile).


Courtesy of Victoria Vila (Seville, Spain).

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Courtesy José María Parreño and Leonor Blánquez (Segovia, Spain)


Some presentations of the project "Album Desierto, histories of nitrate"

  1996 N'aitun gallery (Barrio Brasil, Santiago)


Cultural Center of Puente Alto (Metropolitan Region)
Assembly Hall of Universidad de Santiago (Santiago)
I congress of Regional History. Municipal Theater of Iquique (I Region)


Goethe-Institut (Santiago).


I Conference North South of Investigation on Cultural and Development Policies (Valparaiso and Santiago).


Exhibition of "CERTAIN CHACABUCO" in Library and Theater of Oficina Chacabuco (Sierra Gorda, II Region - Atacama Desert)
Department of Aesthetics, P. Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago)
Universidad UNIACC (Santiago)
Faculty of Photography, Universidad del Pacífico (Santiago)
Center "Hijos de Tarapacá" (Santiago)


Exhibition of "Nitrate Patrimony" in International Airport of Santiago, Chile, for the Council of National Monuments and Ministry of National property.


Permanent exhibition in the Theater and Library of Oficina "Chacabuco" at the recommendation of the Ministry of National Property.


Patrimonial Route Guide "Former Oficina Salitrera Chacabuco" at the request of Ministry of National Property.

Dyptych of the exhibition "DE CIERTO CHACABUCO"

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