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Tomb of James Thomas Humberstone - "Don Santiago"- who was called
"Father of the Nitrate Industry", in the British Cemetery of Hacienda Tiliviche. He was born in England and died in Chile at the age of 89 on June 1, 1939.
   Tiliviche, January 13, 1908.

Dear Grandma,

    Max took me yesterday to the cemetery that is on the other side of the river. There are abundant plants and trees in this small oasis and quantities of geoglyphics in the hills that surround us.
    Everything was quiet. I took advantage of the cool shade of the tamarugos that felt like an unexpected embrace. Someone had placed flowers on the tombs. They were not real flowers, but made of paper and of tin that moaned like interminable sighs.

What further secrets are hidden in this desert?


Georgina Gubbins: Cartas del Desierto

Anonymous. Keith-Horton wedding in Hacienda Tiliviche. Photograph courtesy of Mr. Santiago Keith

Eco Pampino

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