O f i c i n a   P e d r o   d e   V a l d i v i a

Anonymous. Construction of Oficina Pedro de Valdivia.
This plant, with Guggenheim system, more modern and with
greater capacity than María Elena, was constructed in 1931.

Diagram of Operations of Oficina Pedro de Valdivia.

  Le dijeron que lo iban a fusilar
lo sacaron al patio
lo pusieron contra el muro
armaron el pelotón
y dispararon

A la descarga del fogueo
la Muerte voló
a otra rama

La vida no halló qué hacer.

Hernán Rivera Letelier        

The camp of Of. Pedro de Valdivia was dismantled in the year 1996, in spite of the fact that it continues to produce nitrate in its plants.

Eco Pampino

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